Hero-U Kickstarter Underway

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is the spiritual successor to the wonderful Quest for Glory series, and is being Kickstarted by Lori & Corey Cole, designers behind the original series.

It’s to be a “turn-based RPG with adventure game puzzles”, with an emphasis on story (and presumably comedy). The story will revolve around a rogue (thief) in training at an academy:

There is danger and intrigue within the hallowed halls of Hero-U. Danger? Ha! Rogues laugh in the face… well, actually, they sneak up behind danger and bop it in the head, then run really, really fast.  You can be that Rogue!

The pair (who unfortunately do not own the rights to the Quest for Glory series), have announced from the outset that they aim to bring it to the Mac (no Mac stretch goals this time), and indeed Apple hardware can be seen in the photos of their studio.

The game will be built in the Unity engine, using the graphics system from MacGuffin’s Curse. They’re currently a quarter of the way towards their $400,000 goal, with 29 days left on the clock.

The pitch video is below, and you can read more on their blog, and in unabashed QFG fan Richard Cobbett’s interview.


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