Game of the Year 2012: #6

Holding strong at position six, we find:


Elegant and simple, Amanita Design recycled the same formula from Machinarium, giving players the ability to click things in a beautiful environment and see what happened. There was a point to all of this, a progressing storyline, sure. But really what we got from Botanicula was a sense of wonder. It was truly delightful to just click on one of the fantastic little creatures in the game and see what would happen.

The artstyle is unlike anything else, and the gameplay so simple (and intriguing) that even non-gamers took a shine to it. Although it didn’t really break any new ground in terms of gameplay, nothing else this year came close to matching it in terms of pure, joyful experience. Every time I look at a Botanicula screenshot I feel warm inside. Here’s one now to see us through this cold winter’s day:



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