Game of the Year 2012: #4

At this point, the entries will probably start getting more predictable. Well, here we go, at number 4, we find:

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

I’m a sucker for the Lego games, and Batman 2 is the best so far, by a long way. It perfected the formula, which although a little long in the tooth now, is extremely enjoyable. There’s something cathartic about smashing up lego objects into their constituent blocks, making it perhaps the complete antithesis of MineCraft.

The characters here were all voiced for the first time, and whilst the silent comedy aspects of the series maybe lost, they are not necessarily missed all that much. Although it’s not a game that I personally can play for hours on end, there’s certainly an awful lot of gametime to get out of it. Plus, you can always plug in an extra controller and have at it with a friend.


Your thoughts on this?