Exclusive giveaway of Gog Games

Did you know we’ve gone social now? We have! We’re carefully pathfinding our way along the narrow line between Twitter suffocation and sensory deprivation.

Now on Control Command Escape, when you log in you’ll be able to gain ⎋ (escape points) for commenting on posts, adding friends to your circle and so on. We’re still tweaking and building the system, so why not earn some points by commenting on how you’d like us to improve on this system (and please bear with us whilst we work out the kinks)?

So, what can you do with all these points? Well our friends over at Gog.com (and who are having a sale right now) have given us the following games to give to you, our lovely Mac Gamers:

Awesome right? So now I’m wondering, how exactly do I get my hands on one of these fantastic games?

Up until 3pm (GMT) on the 24th December, we’ll be keeping score– try and rack up as many ⎋ points as you can before then, by adding your comments to our past reviews and posts. We’ll be awarding bonus points for exceptional remarks (but deducting them for spam or irrelevant ones). In addition, we’ll be giving away some bonus games too.

Finally, put in your status the game in our list that you’d like to have and why. (Beware! If someone else manages to beat your score and requests the same prize, you won’t win it!)

Let the battle commence!

UPDATE: Looks like we are having some server load teething problems. Please bear with us Should all be working now…



    Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Also we’ll be giving away a couple of very special “bonus” games for anything that tickles us.

    Jon says:

    Cool idea, always nice to have something that encourages people to participate.

    Also I like your more unique name, mac-gamer.net was unwieldy.

    My only complaint is the site loads sloooow now, when before it was fast. Not sure why, just wanted to mention it.

      Ninja Foodstuff says:

      Yeah thanks for pointing it out. Something caused a memory leak, I had to reboot the server. I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

    Jon says:

    Commented on the totally wrong post, lol I’m tired. Meant to post on the name change article.

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