Borderlands 2 Updates Aplenty, Mac App Store Catches Up

The Mac App Store version of Borderlands 2 has been updated, and now has full Game Center support, with leaderboards and achievements, and multiplayer with others with the Mac App Store version. It’s also on sale, if you haven’t taken the plunge into its cel-shaded delights. All the previously-released DLC for the game is available via in-app purchase now as well, so the App Store version is more or less on par with the Steam version.

The Steam version is no slouch either, and has been updated with the Ultimate Vault Hunter stuff mentioned last week, with the new “Ultimate Vault Hunters Upgrade Pack”  DLC available to buy which includes a level cap increase, and some other tat.

It also seems like the new update also adds a launcher app that looks ready for Aspyr to upsell straight into your eyeballs. A pity that it offers links to buy stuff you’ve already bought.


What else can I add to this? Hmm, how about a shift code for 5 golden keys: