Batman: Arkham City Goes SteamPlay

Previously bound to every digital store except Steam (and that even includes the ill-fated Origin), Batman: Arkham City has done an XCOM and is now available on that most cross-platform of platforms.

Anyone who owns the Windows version of Batman: Arkham City (Game of the Year) on Steam will now find the Mac version lingering in their account too. Anyone who hasn’t yet played it, can now buy it on Steam (or from anywhere that sells Steam keys) and play one of the greatest single-player games ever made. To sweeten the deal, it’s currently 75% off at the Steam store.

Once again, there’s no word from publisher Feral Interactive on the ramifications on this, but we now know that XCOM wasn’t a one-off, with this marking their second title to make the leap. Feral Interactive are renowned for making high-quality, good performance games for Mac OS X (and Arkham City is certainly no exception), but have traditionally avoided making their games available on Steam for whatever reason.

Whether we’ll see more of Feral’s games go Steam is anyone’s guess, so I raise the same cautions as last time around.

As always, we’ve contacted Feral Interactive for comment on this, and will update if we know more.

UPDATE: Feral Interactive provided the following statement on the matter:

The release of Batman Arkham City on Steam is the second Mac title to be released on the platform by Feral. To date we have been very happy with the results and plan further Steam releases in the near future.

So that’s incredible news, we can look forward to more Steam releases from Feral Interactive in the future.