AI War Goodness Coming Tomorrow

AI War: Fleet Command‘s getting updated to 6.0 tomorrow, and along with the update, a new expansion “Ancient Shadows” is to be available on Steam this Friday 19th.

The update alone will add an awful lot of new features, particularly some rebalancing and new background artwork. Just looking at the changelog made me appreciate, for the millionth time, just what a wonderfully complex game this is.

The new Ancient Shadows DLC on the other hand, will notably add a new “champions” which are upgradeable units (that can be controlled entirely by a single person on your team, or in conjunction with your other ships) that can traverse deep space, out of the enemy AI’s reach. There will also be new ships, sub-races, AI types, map types and a new faction. Oh, and some new music too.

You can read more on Arcen’s blog, and there’s a trailer below, which does a great job of instilling some drama into an otherwise very cerebral game.


Your thoughts on this?