A New Vault Hunter is Coming

I’ve played a fair bit of Borderlands 2 but haven’t quite made it to the top 16% of players to reach the level cap. And I certainly haven’t seen what every character has to offer. Which is why it’s a bit weird that the next DLC for Borderlands will feature “a level cap increase” and a “mysterious new vault hunter”. You can see very little of this new Vault Hunter in the video below.

It seems likely that you’ll have to replay through the grindy first 5 levels of the game (and having already done this myself 3 times I’m not looking forward to it) to unlock his or her special ability, whatever that might be.

There’s also going to be a Borderlands 2 event this weekend. Dubbed “Luck of the Zafords“, there will be “special in-game events and gear”:

Each year, around this time, the Zaford clan takes a break from their war with the Hodunk bandit family to celebrate their good fortune and honor those that have passed on, such as that time Scooter buried their son alive in a shallow grave.

During this time, those who play Borderlands 2 while connected to the internet will see a temporary increase in the drop rates and rarity of shields! Plus, Absorb shields will have a better chance to absorb enemy bullets and Booster shields will have a higher chance of dropping a shield Booster when damaged.

And of course, what post about Borderlands would be complete without a Shift Code? This one’s valid until March 17, and will net you a bunch of Zaford-related gear:



Your thoughts on this?