Mac gaming is starting to grow at last. Thanks to the proliferation of iOS Apps, developers are creating more games on Apple platforms, and Apple users are buying them.

The Steam digital distribution platform launched for the Mac two years ago, and at the time of writing, offers 247 games.

That in itself isn’t bad, but perhaps more importantly, Apple themselves are taking games more seriously than ever before. Many of the Mac games on offer have been iOS ports, but recently we’ve begun to see more mainstream titles, such as Deus Ex Human Revolution (which debuted on the PC 8 months earlier) hitting the virtual shelves.

Then there’s kickstarter, rapidly becoming a favourite for indie developers. Many of the games being funded there are offering a native Mac version.

And when all else fails, there’s always Parallels, which lets you run a large selection of Windows-only games in a virtual machine right from your Mac.

So although the Mac will likely always lag behind Windows to some extent, being a Mac Gamer is finally a viable option.

With that in mind, this site will aim to provide information about which games are available on the Mac, where to get them, and how well they run.


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